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Beginning of the Season Information

Registration Information

A Step Ahead Dance Studio and Gymnastics Center provides a course of study beginning in August and ending in May.

  • There is a $ 25.00 annual registration fee due at the time of enrollment, a costume fee of $20.00 due at the time of enrollment, first month tuition due at the time of enrollment, as well as all paperwork completed and signed.

  • Registration fees are non refundable.

  • Costume deposits, and tuition are non-refundable, unless a class is cancelled.

How to Register

Before registering, determine what classes you would like to register for by looking at the schedule posted on the main page of the website

  1. If you do not have a parent portal, create one using the link below

  2. If you already have an account, use the link below to sign in to your parent portal

Payment Information

Acceptable Payment Methods: 

Cash, Check, Money Order, Bank Pay & Credit Cards (3% processing fee) 

  • Cash payments need to be in the exact amount, we don’t always have change.

  • Please make checks payable to: A Step Ahead Dance Studio

  • Please write the students name in the memo portion to ensure proper credit. 

Payments may be made one of the following ways: 

  • Mail to 109 Pearl Street, Council Bluffs, IA, 51503

  • Drop it in the mail slot to the left of the front door

  • Turn in to desk in the lobby 

**There will be a $25.00 service fee for all returned checks**
All future payments after a returned check will need to be cash or money order. 

Divorced Families

  • If you are divorced and have a child dancing at A Step Ahead, whomever is paying for the lessons is the person who will receive all paperwork and information.

  • Only 1 copy of all handouts will be supplied. If you need another copy, feel free to go make a copy.

  • It is not A Step Ahead Dance Studios responsibility to communicate to both parties.

  • Recital tickets will be given to the person that paid recital fee. If additional tickets are needed they can be purchased.

  • Please do not call the studio asking if the other spouse has been bringing the child to class. This is not our responsibility and we will not get involved. 

Classroom Observation

  • The waiting area is equipped with televisions and a video feed from the classroom for you to view your child’s class.

  • Siblings are welcome, however, are expected to behave in a quiet and respectful manner and must be accompanied by a parent. We ask that you keep voices low and talking to a minimum.

  • Help us promote a friendly and positive atmosphere, always support and encourage your child.

  • Children and parents are not permitted to sit in the dance rooms or gym area during any class.

  • Please watch your children. Do not let them stand or climb on the furniture. Do not let them wander outside and climb on the pillars in front of the studio.

  • If you are looking at staying for an extended period, please bring some quiet things for your child to do. If a child/children are disruptive or destructive, A Step Ahead staff will ask you to leave the studio and return when the child you are waiting for has finished. 

Participation Guidelines 

The following are rules that must be followed in order to be an A Step Ahead student. Please read carefully and we appreciate your cooperation. 

  1. Cell phones will be turned in to the “Cell Phone Basket” in each classroom. Students will retrieve their phones when class is dismissed.

  2. Dress in appropriate attire. It is essential for the instructor to properly see the students’ movements, so please follow the dress code listed below for your area of participation.

  3. Hair is to be pulled up and away from the face, this includes bangs. Gymnastics students should avoid large barrettes or large plastic balls on top of the head, as they interfere with tumbling. If you forget your hair tie, they are available at the front desk.

  4. Students should wear a pair of street shoes into the facility, not dance shoes. Wearing dance shoes on grass, dirt or pavement ruins the dance shoes and in turn damages the dance floor.

  5. Please mark your children’s shoes with their initials. Dance shoes look alike and often get mixed up.

  6. Please do not wear jewelry, especially in gymnastics, as it can be very dangerous if caught or entangled.

  7. Be sure to arrive to class on time!!! It is very important that the students not miss their warm ups and it is also very disruptive to the class. Parents of younger children may want to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to dress the child properly and to “calm” the anxious child and get them in the mood for learning.

  8. Please take all little ones to the potty right before class so class won’t be stopped. They don’t want to miss any of their class time!

  9. Please talk to your child at home about not talking in class and listen to his/her instructor. Your help in this area will allow for a more productive class.

  10. It is imperative that you pick your child up promptly when their class is over. Instructors are responsible for students only during their class time and will not be accountable for them when they leave the classroom. If you can not be there when your child’s class is over please make arrangements with someone to pick them up or supervise them. 

  11. No chewing gum, food or drinks are not allowed in any class. Snacks and drinks are allowed Only in the waiting area! Please clean up after yourself. You may bring a water bottle into class if you wish.

  12. Students are expected to practice at home. When students start learning recital dances in December, you may bring in a jump drive labeled with the child’s name, and we will record their music for practicing. The music will be returned the following week.

  13. You may video a class at any time for practicing purposes.

  14. Bring your dance shoes and bags into class with you

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