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Dance Classes We Offer

**pictures are from 2020-21 dance recital**

3&4 Year Old

Latino Dancers in Ballroom

Kindergarten Tap and Ballet

Professional Dancer

1st & 2nd Grade

IMG_8163 2.JPG

3rd & 4th Grade

Tap Shoes

5th, 6th, & 7th Grade

Group Dance

Intermediate Level


Junior Level


Senior Level

IMG_8164 2.JPG

Adult Classes

Break Dance Crew

Gymnastics Classes We Offer

**pictures are from gymnastics exhibition 2020-21**

3&4 Year Old Gym

Latino Dancers in Ballroom

Gym 1

IMG_8161 2.JPG

Gym 2


Gym 3

IMG_8162 2.JPG

Advanced Gym


Contact Us

109 Pearl Street


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